My Story

I am going to make a bold statement that I have no trouble reiterating throughout my story or my life, I love SWEETS! I am not talking about I like sweets or I indulge once in a while. I am talking full-on love affair with sweets. There is not a piece of cake, pie, dessert or candy bar that I cannot resist. When I read a menu at a restaurant, I always read the dessert section first, and then read the rest of the menu. I love SWEETS!

When I was a kid, I loved the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I used to dream that I would find a golden ticket that would lead to the most magical world in my mind, an unlimited candy factory where I could eat nothing but sweets. I love all sweets, but my favorite of them all is chocolate. Chocolate was my first love and still is to this day. And I don’t discriminate when it comes to my chocolate, I will dip nuts, granola, fruit or ice cream in it. I will bake it in a cake, pie, and brownie or just break a piece off in a candy bar. If it is covered in chocolate, I will try it.

My love of sweets can be traced back to one lovely woman, my grandma Agnes Mason. She too had a love affair with sweets and showed it proudly. Her love of sweets was inherited from her grandmother as well. So it is hard to argue with my destiny of loving sweets when I think of the wonderful women who paved the candy-coated road for me.

As I grew up, I always remember Grandma Mason having sweets. She would bake cakes, pies or have candy dishes filled and put out for guests and family members. Every Christmas she would get her favorite candy from the local candy Shoppe and it was always her favorite present. She had a kind word and a sweet treat for everyone who came to her door.

The love of sweets is what I share with my grandma Mason to this day. There are many other memories that I can look back on, but the love of sweets is what will always bind me to her. I love her just a little more because she loved sweets so much. Every time I bake my cakes it makes me think of her and every time someone eats one, I remember how happy she was eating sweets. She would have been my #1 Customer!

My love for sweets can also be traced back to my fondness for baking. I love to bake and was always eager to try. It started with my very first recipe I wrote and made with my third grade class, Black Forrest Cake with Cherry topping. Through the years I graduated to other desserts like my mom’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I used to make and still do because I stole the recipe (Sorry mom)! Baking allowed me to create something and to taste the goodness of what was to come.

I first started making my cakes just as a fun thing to do. These cakes were easy to make and even better, I always had cake around. Then I started bringing them to friend’s parties and family gatherings. My family and friends seemed to really enjoy them and it made me happy to share something that I loved with them. So every time a family member or friend asked, I would make the cakes.

My family and friends really helped me to see that maybe others might like these wonderful cakes too. So I started giving them out to friends that would need them for their parties or family gatherings. I also made them for family members and they would give them to their friends and loved ones. Then fate came along about a year and a half ago when I gave my cakes to someone special who had a candy store herself. She saw the love and dedication I have for these cakes and encouraged me to turn that into something wonderful.

So here I am now, 6 years in the making of what I now call Marcy Mae’s Petite Cakes. I had a simple idea with a great product that I decided to make a reality. My idea is to share my love of sweets with everyone who wants to taste them. I have created delightful cakes that I know people will love.

What I hope to accomplish with Marcy Mae’s is to make a product that people will enjoy as much as I do. What I am looking forward to is making my cakes for clients for any occasion in their lives, whether it be a holiday, celebration, or just making a friend or loved one happy. Marcy Mae’s connects me to my beautiful past, my ever-changing present and my exciting future. So come with me, as I go with my apron on and my chocolate-dipped cakes in hand and let me make your day happy with Marcy Mae’s Petite Cakes.

Happy Eating,

Marcy M. Mason

P.S. Did I mention…I love SWEETS!